• Half the weight, all the quality.
  • The standard HT300 power unit for ease of service, reliable and fast performance.
  • The same aggressive curvature and attack angle as the HD/EX series
  • The same easy to use foot pedal mounting & adjustable jack mechanism.
  • Super bright plow lights with double stud mounts
  • Standard 3/8" cutting edge
  • Brushed stainless moldboard
  • Standard cast iron plow shoes
  • Standard poly deflector
  • The highest quality components for unmatched durability and performance.
  • Stainless steel corrosion free moldboard
  • 1/4" Laser cut steel ribs
  • Covered power unit and hydraulics
  • Quick attach/detach mounting
  • Lift Arm - 35 degree travel provides exceptional snow stacking
  • 4 Stress-optimized trip springs
  • Contoured lift frame
  • Adjustable/removable jack stand
SNOWDOGG-V-Plow System
  • Reliable and heavy duty for larger trucks.
  • Integral Power Unit uses all standard SAE cartridge valves for ease of service and troubleshooting.
  • Poppet valves and regenerative hydraulics provide maximum speed.
  • Easy to use foot pedal mounting & adjustable jack mechanism.
  • Reiliable and easy to service extension spring trip edge design.
  • 1/2" cutting edge with replaceable center edges.
  • Fast wing action with easy to use hand held controller.
  • Tough, heavy duty robotically welded construction.
  • Super bright plow lights with double stud mounts.
  • Brushed 14 gage heavy duty stainless moldboard.
  • Center cap and deflectors for excellent snow containment.
SNOWDOGG-Commercial/Municipal Plow System
  • Typical Application: Medium Duty Trucks,14,000 - 27,000 GVWR
  • Brushed finished stainless steel moldboard
  • Heavy duty 48" x 4" square sector with six 1/2" trip ears
  • Massive, robotically welded 3/8" plate sector construction
  • Tall moldboard with aggressive curvature & onverhang for excellent throwing action
  • Super-Duty 12" belted deflector
  • Foot pedal operated mounting for easy removal
  • Super bright plow lights with vibration resisitant double stud mounts
  • 5/8" heavy duty cutting edge
  • Cast iron heavy duty shoes
  • Fluorescent orange blade guide kit
  • Integral hydraulics or central hydraulic option
Meyer plows are available in both steel and poly, in sizes ranging from 6 or 6.5  foot for down sized pick-ups and SUV's to 9 and 10 foot sizes for 13800 to 27000 GVW trucks. Both are warranted for two years.
Sno-Way has no lift chain. This feature eliminates the chain slap & bounce common to other makes of snowplows.
We also offer used reconditioned plow systems with a one season warranty.
TGS05A  Commercial grade spreader features a low-profile design for unrestricted rear view and a protected internal motor assembly.
SaltDogg Hopper  The SHPE1500 Salt Dogg is a completely self-contained, ultra-durable spreader unit designed for ice and snow control.
4.5 Yard Stainless Steel Salt & Sand Spreader Ideal for Heavy Duty Municipal and Commercial applications. Designed for dump bodies & flat bodies with a GVW chassis of 15,000 to 20,000 lbs.